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  • AdPower

    Company:   IFPL

    • 4B20

    AdPower is an innovative way to provide passengers with in-seat USB power (Patent pending) that can be monetised by airlines. The solution activate...

  • aWAP solution, an "all-in-one" Server...

    Company:   ECA Group - Aerospace Division

    • 3C30
    shared with Business France

    aWAP enables reliable and secure IFE (In Flight Entertainment) broadcasting to passengers on their own PED (Personal Electronic Devices), following BY...

  • Cockpit harnesses

    Company:   ATEM

    • 3C30
    shared with Business France

    We design and manufacture very specific harnesses for cockpit: de-icing cables, strechable cable to use a specific keyboard for both pilot and copilot...

  • Control Panels

    Company:   Bühler Motor Aviation GmbH

    • 7B72

    In our glass panels, capacitive touch sensors, combined with a robust glass surface, provide the passenger with a superior tactile and visual experien...

  • eFactory project

    Company:   eFactory Project

    • 6C80
    shared with Hanse Aerospace Wirtschaftsdienst GmbH

    eFactory is by design, an open market infrastructure for European manufacturing and sees itself as a catalyst for an ecosystem of commercially viable,...

  • ERMS Easy Release Modular System

    Company:   ERMS Montage und Vertriebs GmbH

    • 1E68

    Stream on YouTube:

  • Lighting and Indication Panels

    Company:   Bühler Motor Aviation GmbH

    • 7B72

    We develop innovative lighting for seats, and have a proven portfolio of feature and ambient lighting solutions. Using the same technology as on o...

  • PAXCOM Seat Actuation System

    Company:   Bühler Motor Aviation GmbH

    • 7B72

    The modularity of PAXCOM meets all customer requirements at the highest level. The result: a high-quality system providing outstanding passenger comfo...

  • Pneumatic Systems

    Company:   Bühler Motor Aviation GmbH

    • 7B72

    Lumbar support with an optional massage function, including pressure adjustment for maximum comfort. With our pneumatic systems, we provide quality pa...