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  • sabeti wain aerospace ltd

    Company:   Sabeti Wain Aerospace Ltd

    • 7B45

    design and manufacture of aircraft seat covers and cushion foams.

  • sabeti Wain Aerospace Ltd

    Company:   Sabeti Wain Aerospace Ltd

    • 7B45

    Design and Manufacture of Cushion Foams

  • saf-Tsign® No Smoking Fasten Seat Belt...

    Company:   STG Aerospace

    • 5A17

    A simple retrofit solution for effective messaging on-board 737 and 757 aircraft. Through a powerful combination of photoluminescent and LED technolo...

  • Safety Equipment

    Company:   AeroAid Ltd

    • 7B10

    First Aid Kits

  • Safety rain jacket

  • SAM® 2-inch Standby Attitude Module

    Company:   True Blue Power

    • 4D41

    SAM® is a solid-state instrument that displays attitude, altitude, airspeed, slip, vertical trend, and heading information to the pilot during normal ...

  • Satcom Universal Mounting System (SUMS)

    Company:   Eclipse Global Connectivity

    • 2D50

    Designed by Eclipse & EAD Aerospace, SUMS is a revolutionary new design for installing the JetWave ™ Ka-Band FMA Satcom System. STCs & certified modk...

  • SCHOTT HelioJet® Spectrum

    Company:   SCHOTT AG

    • 7C11

    Unique LED Cabin Lighting System with Sensor Color Control HelioJet® technology manages the phenomenon of aging LEDs for the sake of permanent homo...

  • SCHOTT® HelioCurve LED Strip

    Company:   SCHOTT AG

    • 7C11

    The flexible, homogeneous and bright SCHOTT® HelioCurve LED Strip is available in single and full color version, customizable on request and only requ...

  • SCHOTT® HelioLine

    Company:   SCHOTT AG

    • 7C11

    Contour Illumination for Safty and Comfort SCHOTT® HelioLine, the side-emitting optical fiber solution, empowers airlines to create an unrivaled atmo...

  • SCHOTT® Jade Reading Light

    Company:   SCHOTT AG

    • 7C11

    The SCHOTT® Jade is the first reading light ever made from glass, bringing haptic and optical aesthetics into the seats and cabin. The innovation w...

  • SCHOTT® Opal Reading Light

    Company:   SCHOTT AG

    • 7C11

    The SCHOTT® Opal Reading Light meets todays needs for gracious and functional in-seat Reading Lights. The modular concept with different shapes, color...