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  • Pacelab ACE

    Company:   PACE – a TXT company

    • 6C90
    shared with Hanse Aerospace Wirtschaftsdienst GmbH

    Pacelab ACE is a comprehensive digital environment, which helps aircraft buyers, manufacturers and suppliers to efficiently navigate the elaborate air...

  • Panama Fire

    Company:   DANI S.P.A.

    • 5D70

    Vibrant and Versatile. Panama is a pigmented leather with a fine grain. Due to elasticity and uniform look, Panama lends itself to different end uses....

  • PanaphragmTM

    Company:   Franklin Products, Inc.

    • 7C10

    Panaphragm is a seat pan and diaphragm hybrid resulting in ideal comfort and support while minimizing the size and weight of the bottom cushion.

  • panel of phenolic prepreg

    Company:   The MOT Company, Ltd.

    • 4UB40

    Press forming of phenolic prepreg



    • 6B110

  • Paolo Astori

    Manufacturer of self-locking anchor, barrel, double hex, and castellated nuts along with the associated washers, retainers, and collars.

  • Part 145 MRO

    As a Part 145 company with scope of approval related to maintenance scope C6 (Equipments), AIRE is your trustful partner for the MRO of interior eleme...

  • Part 21G - Production Organization

    AIRE is specialized in the manufacturing of soft furnishing elements; with extensive in-house shop capabilities and wide range of raw materials, AIRE ...

  • Part 21J - Design Organization

    AIRE holds the EASA Design Organization Approval to provide engineering design services and relevant certifications for modifications to small/large ...

  • Partition (example)

    Company:   RECAERO

    • 6D70
    shared with Business France

    Partition (example)

  • Partitions

    Partitions are generally combined with literature pockets, magazine racks, holders, baby bassinets, entertainment systems, and in some locations with ...

  • Passenger Call Unit 1278

    Company:   IFPL

    • 4B20

    Whilst IFPL has designed the 1278 as a Passenger Call Unit (PCU), it can also enable a broad range of cabin requirements to be met. The 1278 provides ...