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    Company:   Sitec Aerospace GmbH

    • 6A75

    For Oxygen Systems, valves have been created to meet the special demands of a grease-free environment.

  • Obsolescence Management

    Company:   TQ-Systems GmbH

    • 1A20

    Obsolescence is the lack of delivery by the original supply source and the consequent lack of availability due to various influences. Advantages of an...

  • OEM Distribution

    Company:   STS Aviation Group

    • 4UC41

    Our hybrid distribution model and long-term partnerships with industry-wide OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) suppliers enables us to better serve...

  • On Site Product Support

    Company:   Vartan Aviation Group

    • 6A01

    Keep calm, we can fix it! The Vartan Aviation Group’s main business is on site product support for aviation industry suppliers. On behalf of our cu...

  • On-Board Wheelchair

    The On-Board Wheelchair 2218-series sets the airliner standard for the transport of disabled passengers. Light-weight design, durability, safety, appe...

  • OPAL®

    Company:   STELIA Aerospace

    • 7A30

    Designed for efficiency, tailored for luxury. Our new generation platform, OPAL, heightens comfort to new luxurious levels. A 26”-wide, 81”-long bed l...

  • Opticor™ - Advanced Transparency...

    Company:   PPG Aerospace

    • 5A02

    Opticor™ advanced transparency material is an innovative, high performance, optically clear, transparent plastic for the aerospace industry.

  • Organizational Improvement Actions

    Engineering • Certification • Training • Academy • Quality • Supply Chain • Manufacturing

  • Organo Sheet

    Company:   Thormac

    • 2U72

    Organo Sheet Organic sheets are fiber composites (fiber matrix semi-finished) that are currently used in lightweight construction, especially in the ...

  • Our Media Box for your perfect service!

    Company:   Media Carrier GmbH

    • 4C42

    Our service for you: Premium service for competitive edge Airlines can offer their own bespoke Media Box to passengers throughout the entire journ...

  • Overhead Bin

    Company:   GMT Gummi-Metall-Technik GmbH

    • 6A81


  • Oxygen container latch

    A bistable solenoid system is the core of the unit. During normal operation the integrated permanent solenoid maintains the locked state powerless. In...