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  • 280W IFEC & PED Solutions

    Company:   Data Device Corporation (DDC)

    • 2B78

    DDC's 280W converter supplies 28V power for IFEC electronics and USB charging ports for Portable Electronic Devices (PED) to up to 24 aircraft seats, ...

  • 777 Stowage Bin

    Commercial Aircraft Interiors (C.A.I) offers a wide variety of cabin storage options including retrofitting and bin expansion kits

  • Acti-Vision Window, revenue generation...

    Company:   Vision Systems

    • 2D60

    Acti-Vision is an interactive touch window that delivers information and services to the passengers and allows them to interact with this information....

  • Aero+ Flexibility

    Company:   Eclipse Global Connectivity

    • 2D50

    Aero+ Flexibility allows the customer to manage various aspects of their airborne Ku/Ka band network, including : • Create customizable aircraft “zon...

  • AES Display Control Panel DCP1005

    The Display Control Panel DCP1005 is an aircraft cabin telephone and internet control unit.

  • AES IPX3606 Communication Server

    All-rounder! Our IPX3606-Series IP-Private Branch Exchange Servers are a gateway for flexible and safe communication applications in narrow- and wide ...

  • AES Light Controller LC0300-Series

    Light Controller LC0300, approved for Airbus single aisle, long range, and A380 aircraft.

  • Aircrafts-Cockpit-Interiors

    Company:   SOPLAMI

    • 6C60
    shared with Business France

  • ALU MENZIKEN Group Manufacturing...

    Company:   ALU MENZIKEN Group

    • 6B88
    shared with Hanse Aerospace Wirtschaftsdienst GmbH

  • Class Dividers & Bulkheads

    Company:   AeroAid Ltd

    • 7B10

    Center Aisle, Solid & Move able Class divider systems off the shelf

  • Complete Doorlock Systems

     Door locking technology and access control, such as fittings or turnstiles  Aviation, such as overhead storage, galleys and life support  Medica...

  • Connectivity Bundle

    Company:   Eclipse Global Connectivity

    • 2D50

    Expressly for wide and narrow-body jets, the bundle is a complete yet modular system offering bespoke, high-performance broadband communications world...