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  • 100+ Surplus Aircraft Passenger Seat...

    Company:   aviationscouts GmbH

    • 6A71

    ​​We at aviationscouts GmbH are cabin experts. As a 1-Stop-Shop we integrate many services which are based on the client's requirements. We overhaul s...


  • Aero Asset Management for Lessors

    Pre Purchase • Owner Change • Delivery (Lessee) • Reviews • Lease Return • Remarketing • Redelivery

  • Aero Asset Management for Operators

    Analysis • Specification • Bid Management • Supervision • Phase In • Inspection • Phase Out

  • Aircraft Passenger Seats FOR SALE:...

    Company:   aviationscouts GmbH

    • 6A71

    We have 8 Shipsets of Minipod Seats ex KLM in our Warehouse. "Winner of the coveted Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award, the MiniPod product line offe...

  • Design services - Lantal Textiles AG

    Company:   Lantal Textiles AG

    • 6E70

    Lantal's all-in-one solutions approach begins with design services. Our experienced design team is specialized in planning and developing aircraft int...

  • Dynamic Safety Engineering Services

    Company:   Dynamic Safety LLC

    • 1UA03

    - CAD Modeling - Using state of the art CAD software to help customers build their own prototypes. - Stress Analysis - Perform structural static and ...

  • JA2018 TOKYO - Japan International...

    The latest JA event , "JA2018 TOKYO", the 15th event since 1966 was held at Tokyo in November 2018. This event has recorded total of 520 companies an...

  • Livery Change Approval

    Company:   ABC International

    • 6A79

    ABC International supports Airlines to achieve and certify, under EASA standard, new aircraft liveries, starting from design and development to final ...

  • Material Management and Logistics

    Solutions that Streamline the Material and Information Flow of Spare Parts for the Production Line. Enjoy a proven solution package from analysis, con...

  • Organizational Improvement Actions

    Engineering • Certification • Training • Academy • Quality • Supply Chain • Manufacturing

  • Profile™

    Company:   Spafax

    • 2D90

    Profile™ is an entertainment streaming platform designed to engage passengers pre-flight and help them plan their entertainment before they fly. Profi...

  • Supply Chain Excellence

    Understanding and implementing aviation legislation criteria: If you are missing the complete view of aviation-specific regulations and requirements, ...