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  • Wall coverings

    Company:   BOXMARK Leather D.O.O

    • 5C04

  • washbasin

    washbasin with lightning

  • Washbasin aircraft - Waschbecken für...


  • washbasin FC

    First class washbasin

  • Washbasin VARICOR

    Washbasin Aircraft VARICOR

  • Waste Water System

    Company:   E.I.S. electronics GmbH

    • 6C90
    shared with Hanse Aerospace Wirtschaftsdienst GmbH

    Constisting of the Shower Transfer Unit, the Sink Chamber and the Flush Valve this system provides a familiar feel if showering in the air. The system...

  • Wasteline Cleaning

    Company:   AES Airplane - Equipment & Services GmbH

    • 7B90

  • Water Hose Assemblies

    Company:   Hydraflow

    • 6E90
    shared with Hanse Aerospace Wirtschaftsdienst GmbH

    Hydraflow offers heated and unheated components for potable water systems. Hoses are qualified to SAE standards AS4468 and AS5420. Water system hoses ...

  • Water Jet Cutting of Laminates

    Company:   Erwin Halder KG

    • 6E90
    shared with Hanse Aerospace Wirtschaftsdienst GmbH

    Built To Print - according to customer specification

  • Water System Valves

    Company:   Sitec Aerospace GmbH

    • 6A75

    Nearly all modern commercial jet airliners use Sitec Aerospace fill drain and flow control valves for their potable water systems. Heated or non-heate...

  • WAvES

    Company:   Northern Avionics s.r.l.

    • 4B32

    WAvES stands for Wireless Avionics Entertainment System and is our latest Wireless In-Flight Entertainment and cabin management platform. WAvES inc...

  • Wilton woven carpets

    Company:   Tisca

    • 5D02

    Carpets: Wilton woven carpets, made in Switzerland by Tisca. Customized woven carpets are manufactured with very little minimum order quantities an...