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  • Valises

    Company:   Percival Aviation

    • 6C105

    Percival Aviation manufacture a range of stowage bag valises for a number of different products ranging from oxygen masks and bottles, safety equipmen...

  • Valve regulator unit

    To find solutions for most complex requirements, Kendrion Kuhnke Automation develops efficient and perfectly fitting valve manifolds for pressure and ...

  • VantageSOLO

    Company:   Thompson Aero Seating

    • 7A05,
    • 7B02

    A revolution in single aisle seating Thompson’s new VantageSolo has been developed and designed specifically for narrow-body aircraft.


    Company:   Kuraray

    • 1UA15

    <Vectran> is Kuraray's high performance multifillament yarn spun from liquid crystal polymer. The fiber is five times stronger than steel and of...

  • VelocityTM Advanced Dress Cover System

    Company:   Franklin Products, Inc.

    • 7C10

    The Velocity Advanced Dress Cover System speeds installation and removal of aircraft seat socvers while making it easy to achieve a high quality fit a...

  • Vent Grill Assembly

    Company:   Tool Gauge

    • 6E80
    shared with Hanse Aerospace Wirtschaftsdienst GmbH

  • Vent Valves

    Company:   Hebmueller SRS Technik GmbH

    • 2U21

    The potable water vent valves are designed for applications in potable water systems for lavoratories and galleys. ● VC100-04NPT vent valve for potabl...

  • Venture Premium Class Seat

    Company:   Jamco Corporation

    • 6A110

    A premium class seat that captures the latest design trends—offering direct aisle access, a comfortable full-flat bed, ample storage, as well as the l...

  • Vernier Ice Accretion Meter

    Company:   ATL / ATL Europe

    • 6A131

    The Vernier Ice Accretion Meter is a twin bladed vernier, mounted externally on an aircraft to assist the operating crew to determine the severity of ...

  • Versa-Pure®

    Company:   General Ecology, Inc.

    • 5E65

    Point of Use Water Purification and Microfiltration

  • Vertical Surface (WNN)

    Company:   Replin by Hainsworth

    • 6B40

    Vertical Surface (WNN) fabrics are a lightweight, tightly woven and highly durable option for all aviation Vertical Surface (WNN) upholstery. The fabr...

  • VICTREX™ PEEK Polymer

    VICTREX™ PEEK polymer is regarded as one of the highest performing materials in the world. Its product portfolio is the broadest range of polyarylethe...