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  • Panama Fire

    Company:   DANI S.P.A.

    • 5D70

    Vibrant and Versatile. Panama is a pigmented leather with a fine grain. Due to elasticity and uniform look, Panama lends itself to different end uses....

  • Part 21G - Production Organization

    AIRE is specialized in the manufacturing of soft furnishing elements; with extensive in-house shop capabilities and wide range of raw materials, AIRE ...

  • Partition (example)

    Company:   RECAERO

    • 6D70
    shared with Business France

    Partition (example)

  • Passenger Seating Executive Collection

    Company:   Replin by Hainsworth

    • 6B40

    The range of stylish and luxurious fabrics for the interior of private and business aircrafts. The fabrics are lightweight and highly durable whilst m...

  • Passenger Seating Fabrics

    Company:   Replin by Hainsworth

    • 6B40

    A lightweight, tightly woven and highly durable option for all aviation Passenger Seating upholstery. Fabrics are highly resistant to abrasion, redu...

  • Pilot Seating Fabrics

    Company:   Replin by Hainsworth

    • 6B40

    Lightweight, tightly woven and highly durable options for all aviation Pilot and Co-Pilot seating. The natural lustre of wool gives each Pilot Seati...

  • pilot uniform

  • Pneumatic Comfort System (PCS) - Lantal...

    Company:   Lantal Textiles AG

    • 6E70

    PCS is a revolutionary air cushion system that redefines passenger comfort and well-being and replaces foam on aircraft seats. Outstanding comfort...

  • Polyester Web Adhesive : PE-120

    Company:   Bostik

    • 1C45

    - Moderate heat activation temperature - Excellent adhesion to textiles and urethane foam - Good temperature resistance

  • Product Catalogue from Colourlock

    Company:   Lederzentrum GmbH - Colourlock -

    • 6A98