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  • Reversible USB-A 2.0 1337

    Company:   IFPL

    • 4B20

    IFPL has designed the 1337 with customer experience and reliability at the heart of the unit. The 1337 leverages our successful 1281 USB jack and prov...

  • Satcom Universal Mounting System (SUMS)

    Company:   Eclipse Global Connectivity

    • 2D50

    Designed by Eclipse & EAD Aerospace, SUMS is a revolutionary new design for installing the JetWave ™ Ka-Band FMA Satcom System. STCs & certified modk...

  • Servo motors – space proof

    Company:   TQ-Systems GmbH

    • 1A20

    Compact drive units with highest flexibility, maximum overload capability and industry-leading power density as solid shaft servo motor Key features: ...

  • Side Ledge

    Company:   PolyStone Creations, LLC

    • 5E26
    shared with Carter Green Aerospace

    Side Ledge in Singapore Sky Color

  • SKYpower

    Company:   KID-Systeme GmbH

    • 2B30

    SKYpower - Power to the people


    Company:   SOPLAMI

    • 6C60
    shared with Business France

  • Stowage Bin

    Commercial Aircraft Interiors (C.A.I) offers a wide variety of cabin storage options including retrofitting and bin expansion kits

  • Structure Part

    Company:   GMT Gummi-Metall-Technik GmbH

    • 6A81


  • TA360 Series USB Power Delivery (PD)...

    Company:   True Blue Power

    • 4D41

    Update your aircraft with the latest USB Power Delivery (PD) technology. The ultra-fast charging TA360 Series powers new and future devices, deliverin...

  • The Young Engineers (TYE) Loret Latches

    Company:   The Young Engineers (TYE)

    • 6C70
    shared with Business France

    This new latch system concept was developed to bring aesthetic innovation back to the aerospace industry and to allow for the development of new and a...

  • TQ KRT2 radio transceiver

    Company:   TQ-Systems GmbH

    • 1A20

    The newly developed and certified KRT2 radio transceiver is small, light, energy efficient and full of innovative digitalization technology. As a stan...

  • TQ KTX2 ADSB-out transponder

    Company:   TQ-Systems GmbH

    • 1A20

    As a Mode S Class 1 Transponder with an operational range up to 35.000ft and 250kt the KTX2 is ideal not only for microlight aircraft and gliders, but...