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  • Engineering for Cabin Conversions

    Equipment • Electrics • Mechanical • Structure • Systems



    • 6B110


    Company:   EURO-COMPOSITES S.A.

    • 6C10

    The EC Group is a global player in the field of high-quality and sophisticated composite materials. We serve our customers from all over the world fro...

  • Faucet Valves

    Kendrion´s experience in shut-off valves for water systems in aircrafts goes back more than 25 years. Having a large variety of standard valves that ...

  • FAULHABER expands encoder portfolio...

    Company:   Dr. Fritz Faulhaber GmbH & Co. KG

    • 1E57

    The new AES-4096 L magnetic single-turn absolute encoder is equipped with a Line Driver that eliminates interference during signal transmission. It is...

  • Fluid Board

    The Kuhnke FluidBoard® is based on the same advantages. This turns it into another flexible and highly integratable sub plate system that can be used ...

  • Fluid Isolation Solenoid Valves

    High flow rates and optimal media resistance Discove r our direct operated fluid isolation solenoid valves Series 97, which is convince through the...

  • Fuel System Valves

    Company:   Sitec Aerospace GmbH

    • 6A75

    Fuel shut off valves which can be used in the cross feed / shut off / dump / fire shut off application are provided to various major aircraft programs...

  • Gen IV Light Weight Sealant - PR-2008

    Company:   PPG Aerospace

    • 5A02

    The Next Generation of Light Weight Sealant is coming PR-2008 is lighter than a feather Over the decades, PPG Aerospace has lead the way in weight...

  • GLS01 Shut off Valves

    With direct actuation. The classic Shut Off Valve. Over 70 Variants Available.

  • GLS02 Non Return Valves

  • GLS04 Vent Valves