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  • AerFilm flex®

    Company:   Schneller Llc

    • 5B02,
    • 5B10,
    • 5B20

    AerFilm flex is our newest decorative laminate film, providing superior formability compared to established decorative laminates Engineered to cover ...

  • Aertec Group | Services & Products

    Company:   AERTEC

    • 6C60
    shared with Business France

    Global experience & offering to the transportation markets

  • AerTrim sofTouch®

    Company:   Schneller Llc

    • 5B02,
    • 5B10,
    • 5B20

    AerTrim SofTouch® is our newest, light-weight reinforced decorative laminate, which enhances the passenger experience with a unique soft feel. Engine...

  • New Formulated products for Cabin...

    Company:   Thormac

    • 2U72

    Thormac leads in injection moulding new formulations designed with Aircraft Interiors in mind. With our Wittmann Battenfeld machines and our tie up wi...

  • Organo Sheet

    Company:   Thormac

    • 2U72

    Organo Sheet Organic sheets are fiber composites (fiber matrix semi-finished) that are currently used in lightweight construction, especially in the ...

  • Production Services

    Company:   Vartan Aviation Group

    • 6A01

    Many major OEMs count on our highly skilled production service teams to support them in capacity peaks. Our customers profit from our broad range of e...

  • Starling Aerospace Hilo Table

    Company:   Starling Aerospace Ltd

    • 7A80

    Our tables are manually operated with single or dual pedestals. They are available in two or three point heights so as to be able to stow under a Star...