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  • 1st Stop for EASA & MAA Certification

    Company:   ATL / ATL Europe

    • 6A131

    ATL (Aviation Traders Limited) are world renowned Aviation Design and Certification Specialists and EASA Part 21J approved DOA with its own Static Tes...


  • AerFilm flex®

    Company:   Schneller Llc

    • 5B02,
    • 5B10,
    • 5B20

    AerFilm flex is our newest decorative laminate film, providing superior formability compared to established decorative laminates Engineered to cover ...

  • Aerofoam Wrinkle-Free Dress Covers

    Company:   Aerofoam Industries

    • 5A50

    One of Aerofoam's most sought after capabilities is the wrinkle-free dress cover. Aerofoam's engineered process has virtually eliminated wrinkling fro...

  • Aertec Group | Services & Products

    Company:   AERTEC

    • 6C60
    shared with Business France

    Global experience & offering to the transportation markets

  • AerTrim sofTouch®

    Company:   Schneller Llc

    • 5B02,
    • 5B10,
    • 5B20

    AerTrim SofTouch® is our newest, light-weight reinforced decorative laminate, which enhances the passenger experience with a unique soft feel. Engine...

  • Arm Rest Cap / Escutcheon

    Company:   EXPLEO Germany GmbH

    • 1B50

    Excutcheon, 3D printed (ALM), delivered with EASA Form 1 and Minor Change approval. Improved design, enhanced performance and increased durability.

  • C6 Interior Refurbishment

    Company:   AES Airplane - Equipment & Services GmbH

    • 7B90

  • Carbon Pre-preg

    Company:   Gurit

    • 7A70

    ADVANCED COMPOSITE MATERIALS FOR THE AEROSPACE INDUSTRY Gurit has developed a broad range of strong, light and fire-retardant aerospace materials whi...

  • Curtain for Crew Rest

    Company:   EXPLEO Germany GmbH

    • 1B50

    Easy curtain solution for Crew Rest Areas or other separations. Installation and removal in only minutes with no tools. Opaque comfort curtain with so...

  • DZUS® Quarter-Turn Fasteners

    Company:   Southco Manufacturing Ltd.

    • 1C60

    Southco offers an extensive range of DZUS® Quarter-Turn Fasteners to satisfy a broad range of requirements for quick access, high strength and economi...

  • Engineering for Cabin Conversions

    Equipment • Electrics • Mechanical • Structure • Systems

  • Kiara Aviation Advertising

    Company:   Kiara & Co Srl

    • 6F130