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  • Aertec | Cabin & Supply

    Company:   AERTEC

    • 6C60
    shared with Business France

    Provide our customers an integration service from design to build solutions on cabin interiors. And provide our customers kitting solutions ready for ...

  • Carbon Pre-preg

    Company:   Gurit

    • 7A70

    ADVANCED COMPOSITE MATERIALS FOR THE AEROSPACE INDUSTRY Gurit has developed a broad range of strong, light and fire-retardant aerospace materials whi...

  • EJOT TSSD Insert

    For EJOT, the trend subject "lightweight design" is a central starting point of development activities for fastening solutions of sandwich materials s...

  • Engineering for Cabin Conversions

    Equipment • Electrics • Mechanical • Structure • Systems


    Company:   EURO-COMPOSITES S.A.

    • 6C10

    The EC Group is a global player in the field of high-quality and sophisticated composite materials. We serve our customers from all over the world fro...

  • Maintenance

    Company:   Vartan Aviation Group

    • 6A01

    The Vartan Aviation Group provides the entire range of cabin furniture maintenance with overhaul, repair and modification services under EASA/CAR part...

  • On Site Product Support

    Company:   Vartan Aviation Group

    • 6A01

    Keep calm, we can fix it! The Vartan Aviation Group’s main business is on site product support for aviation industry suppliers. On behalf of our cu...

  • The Young Engineers (TYE) Independent...

    Company:   The Young Engineers (TYE)

    • 6C70
    shared with Business France

    This double-sided floater was designed for locations where two-sided, independent floating nuts are preferred to mounting two inserts back-to-back, or...

  • The Young Engineers (TYE) Loret...

    Company:   The Young Engineers (TYE)

    • 6C70
    shared with Business France

    The revolutionary design of the Loret Isolator Insert™ family of products allows for their use in most common honeycomb panels, along with sheet metal...

  • The Young Engineers (TYE) non metallic...

    Company:   The Young Engineers (TYE)

    • 6C70
    shared with Business France

    To meet the demand for lighter weight fasteners, we have designed and manufacture a full range of non metallic fasteners, as noted below. As one of on...

  • Trenchard Aviation Group

    Company:   Trenchard Aviation Group

    • 6F74