8 – 10 Apr 2025
Hamburg Messe

Take your performance to the next level

The Exhibitor Dashboard will allow you to:

  • adopt a data-driven approach to measuring your performance

  • provide actionable recommendations to drive improvement of your profile

  • get the most of out your investment at the show

Upgrade to a Pro Dashboard and unlock a data driven approach that compares your performance to your competitors.

Benchmark your performance against competitors

Filter for competitors and product category

Profile completion benchmark widget

Feature and benchmark preview

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How Dashboard Pro will help you

Dashboard Pro is designed to make sure your successful.


Analyse how online visitors are engaging with your brand compared to your competitors.


Find out how many leads you were able to capture at show compared to your competitors.

Five steps to benchmarking performance

  1. Select Product category for benchmarking
  2. Use filters to select your competitors
  3. Review metrics to visualise where you stand in relation to them
  4. Get recommendations for improving metrics that matter to your business
  5. Take action to drive improvement

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