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  • 100+ Surplus Aircraft Passenger Seat...

    Company:   aviationscouts GmbH

    • 6A71

    ​​We at aviationscouts GmbH are cabin experts. As a 1-Stop-Shop we integrate many services which are based on the client's requirements. We overhaul s...


  • Aertec Services | Painting

    Company:   AERTEC

    • 6C60
    shared with Business France

    Provide our customers aeronautical painting services

  • Air Fresheners & Hand Care

    Company:   Celeste Industries Ltd

    • 6F98

  • C6 Interior Refurbishment

    Company:   AES Airplane - Equipment & Services GmbH

    • 7B90

  • Clarity™ - Transparency Cleaning System

    Company:   PPG Aerospace

    • 5A02

    Clarity™ Transparency Cleaning System is a two-part cleaning method that can easily remove debris from coated and uncoated plastic transparencies with...

  • Exterior Cleaners

    Company:   Celeste Industries Ltd

    • 6F98

    We offer a dry wash and polish, a heavy duty de-greaser, and a wet wash.

  • Faucet Valves

    Kendrion´s experience in shut-off valves for water systems in aircrafts goes back more than 25 years. Having a large variety of standard valves that ...

  • Fluid Isolation Solenoid Valves

    High flow rates and optimal media resistance Discove r our direct operated fluid isolation solenoid valves Series 97, which is convince through the...

  • Interior Cleaners

    Company:   Celeste Industries Ltd

    • 6F98

    A variety of options for interior cleaning and disinfection, including odor control and galley drain cleaning.

  • Lavatory Chemicals

    Company:   Celeste Industries Ltd

    • 6F98

    Preventive maintenance and remediation chemicals for vacuum waste lines and recirculating toilet systems.

  • Part 21G - Production Organization

    AIRE is specialized in the manufacturing of soft furnishing elements; with extensive in-house shop capabilities and wide range of raw materials, AIRE ...

  • Product Catalogue from Colourlock

    Company:   Lederzentrum GmbH - Colourlock -

    • 6A98