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  • 1st Stop for EASA & MAA Certification

    Company:   ATL / ATL Europe

    • 6A131

    ATL (Aviation Traders Limited) are world renowned Aviation Design and Certification Specialists and EASA Part 21J approved DOA with its own Static Tes...


    Company:   Airline Components International Ltd (ACI)

    • 6F70

    “Innovative aftermarket solutions that solve a wide range of 787 cabin trim issues at cost effective prices.”


    Company:   Airline Components International Ltd (ACI)

    • 6F70

    “Maintain privacy for your premium customers and manage in-flight passenger movement with ACI’s bespoke cabin No Entry Ropes.”

  • ACR L8-4 Rescue Light

    Company:   ACR Electronics, Inc.

    • 1C41

    The L8-4 is a water-activated personal rescue light that is FAA approved for use on life vests. The lamp and lens combo of the L8-4 produce a powerful...

  • Cabin Lighting

    Company:   Burrana

    • 4C32

    Lighting is an adjustable and reliable LED solution that is flexible and affordable for airlines to create a unique travel experience for their passen...

  • Cabin, Cockpit and Interior Products

    Company:   Proponent

    • 7A01,
    • 7A01a

    Batteries, Flashlights, Evac and Survival, Exit & Emergency, Signage, ELT's, First Aid Kits, Lamps, Illuminated Panels, Headsets, Speakers, Interior P...

  • Ceiling Lights CL6000-Series

    RGBW LED Ceiling Lights CL6000, application designed for various aircraft.

  • Cobalt Spectrum

    Company:   Cobalt Aerospace Ltd

    • 6A28

    Cobalt Spectrum lighting units bring bright and brilliant LED mood lighting to any aircraft cabin, quickly and easily. Wow passengers with lighting sc...

  • Colibri Aero

    Company:   Colibri Aero

    • 6E128
    shared with J&C AERO

    Colibri Aero is an international provider of component and interior solutions for aircraft operators, lessors, owners, brokers, OEMs and MROs. With i...

  • Control Panels

    Company:   Bühler Motor Aviation GmbH

    • 7B72

    In our glass panels, capacitive touch sensors, combined with a robust glass surface, provide the passenger with a superior tactile and visual experien...

  • DZUS® Quarter-Turn Fasteners

    Company:   Southco Manufacturing Ltd.

    • 1C60

    Southco offers an extensive range of DZUS® Quarter-Turn Fasteners to satisfy a broad range of requirements for quick access, high strength and economi...

  • Electroluminescence Light

    Thanks to the conductive paint nearly every surface and geometry could shine in individual designs.