Charity Partner: Orbis

  • Orbis at AIX and WTCE

    Orbis, along with dedicated volunteers and partners, has played a significant role in efforts to decrease worldwide visual impairment.

    Eliminating avoidable blindness is one of the most effective ways of fighting poverty. For every £1 spent on restoring vision, more than £4 is returned to the local economy.

    But of course, people are not just statistics. Everyone deserves the same opportunity to see the sun rise in the morning, regardless of where they are born.

  • What Orbis do

    Orbis changes the way the world sees by preventing and treating avoidable blindness.

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    Where Orbis work

    Learn more about where we work and the communities we help around the world.

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    How you can help

    There are plenty of ways you can save sight and help fight blindness.

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