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  • Andrew Doyle

    Director Market Development


    Andrew Doyle is an aerospace industry enthusiast, expert and qualified engineer responsible for managing Cirium’s strategic relationships with...

  • Bartosz Baca

    Co–Founders and Partner


    Bartosz Baca is a Partner at BBSG - a boutique consulting firm specialised in the transportation sector. He is also responsible for Strategy &...

  • Ben Bettell

    Aviation Consultant

    Acumen Design Consultants

    Ben Bettell has worked in the aircraft industry in senior positions for more than 35 years, including being Group Business Development Director for...

  • Ben Orson

    Managing Director London

    JPA Design

    Ben Orson studied Industrial Design at Loughborough University and went on to complete an MA in the subject at Central Saint Martin's. He joined JPA...

  • Christopher Wood


    Flying Disabled

    Chris Wood has been campaigning and lobbying for many years for better accessibility in air travel. Not only for the disabled community, but also our...

  • Dr Stathis Kefallonitis

    Founder & President


    Stathis Kefallonitis is a world-expert on passenger engagement strategies and consumer behavioural biometrics.  He has worked with air transport...

  • Dr Thomas Budd

    Lecturer in Airport Planning and Management, & Academic Lead Passenger Experience Laboratory

    DARTeC, Cranfield University

  • Fadimatou Noutchemo Simo

    Founder & CEO

    HEFA Group

  • Felix Radloff

    Service Lead UX

    umlaut Consulting

  • Frederic Dupont

    Vice President Technical Sales and Customer Services

    Etihad Engineering

    Frederic Dupont has been the Vice President Technical Sales and Customer Service at Etihad Engineering since 2015. He is responsible for defining the...

  • Gary Weissel

    Managing Officer

    Tronos Aviation Consulting

    Gary Weissel is the Managing Officer of Tronos Aviation Consulting, providing a wide range of advisory services to the aviation industry with a...

  • Hank Scott

    Chief Executive Officer

    Molon Labe Seating