Flying for All – Creating an Accessible Cabin

Flying for All – Creating an Accessible Cabin

31 Mar 2020, 12:00 - 13:00

CabinSpace LIVE Seminar Theatre

Initiatives to ensure that flying becomes more accessible for all passengers, including those travellers with mobility issues, as well as people with other disabilities such as visual and hearing impairments, have been in the spotlight across the past year. What have industry stakeholders and consumer campaigners learnt from those efforts and how will they shape the next round of innovations?  Key issues will include:

  • What cabin solutions will be needed to ensure we retain ageing populations as customers?
  • Modern single-aisle aircraft have the capability to fly much longer distances – how should we be rethinking these cabins for the benefit of passenger wellbeing and passengers with restricted mobility (PRM) inclusiveness?
  • In the face of increasing seat densification and consequent restrictions on cabin space, how can we ensure that the PRM lavatory on a narrow-body aircraft meets the needs of wheelchair users?
  • What’s needed next from the supply chain?
  • Accessibility rules and bringing narrow-body aircraft in line with wide-bodies.
  • What are the impacts of governments intervening and what is the outlook for future regulation?


  • Vern Alg


    Industry Consultant

    Reed Exhibitions

  • Christopher Wood



    Flying Disabled

    Chris Wood has been campaigning and lobbying for many years for better accessibility in air travel. Not only for the disabled community, but also our...

  • Ben Bettell


    Aviation Consultant

    Acumen Design Consultants

    Ben Bettell has worked in the aircraft industry in senior positions for more than 35 years, including being Group Business Development Director for...

  • Hank Scott


    Chief Executive Officer

    Molon Labe Seating

  • Hans-Gerhard Giesa


    Senior Expert Human Factors Cabin & Cargo


    Hans-Gerhard Giesa is Airbus Senior Expert in the field of Human Factors in Cabin & Cargo. After joining Airbus in 2003, he moved to a combined...

  • Dr Thomas Budd


    Lecturer in Airport Planning and Management, & Academic Lead Passenger Experience Laboratory

    DARTeC, Cranfield University

  • Lígia da Fonseca


    Member & External Relations Manager

    International Air Transport Association Europe

    Lígia da Fonseca joined the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in October 2017 as Member & External Relations Manager, for IATA EUROPE,...