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Innovint Aircraft Interior GmbH

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Innovint Aircraft Interior GmbH was founded in 1977 and builds up a leading position in the market with innovative product developments. The production program covers a wide range of cabin interiors. The main emphasis lies on the development and production of cabin monuments, e.g. partitions, bulkheads, stowages, doghouses, as well as numerous ancillary service and emergency equipment, whereas Innovint is leading the market in this area as OEM.


  • Baby Bassinet

    The installation of the Baby Bassinet is very easy. Designed as a "clip-on" unit using two quick release pins which ensure proper locking to the bulkh...

  • On-Board Wheelchair

    The On-Board Wheelchair 2218-series sets the airliner standard for the transport of disabled passengers. Light-weight design, durability, safety, appe...

  • Partitions

    Partitions are generally combined with literature pockets, magazine racks, holders, baby bassinets, entertainment systems, and in some locations with ...

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    Innovint Aircraft Interior GmbH
    Holzmuhlenstr 84-86 Hamburg 22041 Germany
    Tel:  +49 406969860
    Fax:  +49 406932026


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