The MOT Company, Ltd.

The MOT Company, Ltd.

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The MOT Company is the advanced press molding & autoclave forming products of CFRP Composites. This includes phenolic resin, peek resin, cyanate resin, honeycomb panels, and panels sandwiched with plastic foam. The MOT Company is an industry leader in the high-technology mass production of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) and fiber reifoced plastic(FRP) products and components for the aircraft interiors market. We enable mass production of CFRP by press molding that equals that of metal presses. The technology transfer from metal press to resin press can bring to cost reduction without quality of stiffness and shear strength. Certs:AS9100            


  • Honeycomb panel

    Honeycomb panel sandwiched with phenolic resin for interiors and seats.

  • Decolative laminates

    Decorative laminates for sidewall panels composed from decorative laminates and honeycomb sandwiched with phenolic resin

  • panel of phenolic prepreg

    Press forming of phenolic prepreg

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  • Contact Information

    The MOT Company, Ltd.

    #302, 2-1 Nakamachi Shinjyuku, Tokyo 162-0835 Japan
    Tel:  +81 362281540


  1. Product Categories
    Cockpit Doors
    Galleys & Galley Equipment
    Lavatory & Waste Equipment
    Plastic Mouldings
  2. Company Activity
    Aircraft Interiors Supplier

Company Case Studies

  • multimaterial composites

    composites of CFRP and high tensile strength steel by press moulding. CFRP: 3k prepreg, HTTS:590MPa. Shingle-shot press moulding without preform pro...