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Gore continues to engineer ground-breaking cables and materials that meet the civil aerospace industry’s growing demand. GORE® Aerospace Cables and Materials are engineered specifically to withstand broad temperature ranges, exposure to abrasion and wear, repeated mechanical stress, high voltages, and liquid contaminants such as beverages, fuels, and lubricants. Whether you need high-performance cables, in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC), or aerospace materials for increased throughput and aircraft availability, you can be confident that our products deliver long-lasting, reliable performance over the life of the aircraft.


  • GORE® Microwave/RF Assemblies

    With superior radio frequency performance at 32 GHz, the Type 5H Series of GORE® Microwave/RF Assemblies are optimized for Ka band Sat-Com antenna a...

  • GORE® Aerospace Ethernet Cables

    GORE® Aerospace Ethernet Cables are engineered for the increasing data demands of modern airborne digital networks (Figure 1). They exceed Cat6a ele...

  • GORE® Aerospace Fiber Optic Cables

    Gore has packaged the standard fiber optic cable in a unique construction that improves all aspects of performance to meet the civil industry’s ever-i...

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  • GORE® Aerospace USB 3.0 Cables - Case...

    GORE® Aerospace USB 3.0 Cables ensure high power and faster data transfer for a passenger in-flight entertainment module designed and manufactured by ...