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Geven, the Italian aircraft seating and interiors manufacturer, has consolidated a leading position in the world of narrow and wide body cabin interiors. In a sector where finding new solutions is a continuous challenge, Geven focus is to provide innovative products, as the economy class seat ESSENZA, the last birth. Working under the same roof, manufacturing and R&D departments can easily collaborate, giving expression to a unique vision of Economy and Business class seats offering. Customer satisfaction is the Geven's unique goal. If efficiency is provided by competitive prices, good lead times and an active customer support, the Italian style and the vast customizable options do the rest!



    Essenza is the Geven answer to the new market claims for lighter and more reliable seats and with a fashionable appeal. Geven has believed that having...


    ELEMENTO is the new Long Haul Economy Class Product, a brand-new A330 9AB with 17" bay width. The Elemento aims to maximize the aspects of flexibility...


    PIUMA SOFA, now flying with South African Airlines and Air France, is Geven’s solution for a good night's sleep in Economy Class. Allows passengers to...

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    Geven SpA

    Zona Industriale Nola-Marigliano Via Boscofangone Nola Naples Campania 80035 NOLA Italy
    Tel:  +39 0813121311
    Fax:  +39 0813121321


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    Galleys & Galley Equipment
    Lavatory & Waste Equipment
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    Aircraft Interiors Supplier

Company Case Studies

  • Poltrone degli aerei più leggere con la...

    "...Geven era alla ricerca di un prodotto sufficientemente leggero da aiutare a ridurre il peso generale del sedile, ma con un alto livello di funzio...

  • Taking the load off aircraft seating...

    “…Geven sought a product which would be light enough to help reduce the overall seat weight, but with a high enough level of functionality to meet the...