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Aerofoam engineers and produces the industry’s most comfortable seat cushions and cover system. Aerofoam's design team has produced award-winning and innovative products in multiple categories. In addition to cushions and covers, Aerofoam designs and manufactures a full suite of plastic products, including turn-key back shrouds, single leaf/bi-fold food tray tables, foam arm-caps, armrests, and other interior items. Aerofoam's revolutionary supplier capabilities allow for a seamless one-stop experience from cushion systems to wall-panels. See you in Hamburg!


  • AF Comfort Series

    The AF Comfort Series of graphite-filled polyurethane is the industries leading aviation foam. Aerofoam's proprietary blend allows for increased effic...

  • Aerofoam's Cushion Development Team

    Aerofoam's design and development team have produced award-winning cushion and cover systems. Their expert knowledge of the materials going inside of ...

  • Aerofoam Wrinkle-Free Dress Covers

    One of Aerofoam's most sought after capabilities is the wrinkle-free dress cover. Aerofoam's engineered process has virtually eliminated wrinkling fro...

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    Aerofoam Industries
    31855 Corydon Street Lake Elsinore California 92530 United States
    Tel:  +1 9515149301
    Fax:  +1 9512458668


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    Aircraft Interiors Supplier