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Franklin Products, the global leader in cushions and covers for aviation seating, offers years of experience in design, extensive engineering support, and major production capacity across two continents. In addition to examples of our standard product offerings, cushions and covers, Franklin Products will showcase the benefits of our Fly-Right TM Back, and our Integrated Upholstery System (I.U.S. TM) featuring our new Velocity TM Easy-On and Easy-Off dress cover system. For more information on cushions, covers, related materials, our innovative seating solutions, and/or refreshments please stop by our booth!


  • Fabricated & Molded Cushions

    Cushion design decisions are a balance between cost, comfort, weight, durability, manufacturability and aesthetics. By studying materials, their confi...

  • Dress Covers

    Art and beauty play an important role in dress cover development as much as engineering does because passenger perception of comfort and security is i...

  • Fly-RightTM Seat Suspension Module

    The Fly-Right Seat Suspension Module is a cushion-less seat back system supplied as a self-contained, ready-to-install, seating product.

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    Franklin Products, Inc.

    1 Patriot Drive Milton Keynes MK13 8PU United Kingdom
    Tel:  +33 556242218
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