Cabinspace Live Presentations

  • We hope you enjoyed your time at AIX, and in particular our sessions in the Cabinspace Live Seminar Theatre, as we came together to explore the latest passenger experience thinking.

    Below are some of the presentations from Cabinspace Live 2019, where permission from the speaker has been given.

    Some presentations may have been adapted by the speaker since the session.

    Feel free to browse, download and rediscover CabinSpace Live.
  • The Outlook For Aircraft Interiors - 03 Apr 2019

    What are the critical market forces that will impact the aircraft interiors market supply chain in the coming year? What challenges will airlines and their industry partners face implementing interiors specification programmes for new aircraft and undertaking reconfiguration projects?

    Find out more about what lies ahead for you and your business with:

    Gary Weissel Managing Officer

    John Peterson Vice President & General Manager, GoDirect Software & Services

    Jose Pevida Senior Vice President Engineering & Product Development

    Andrew Doyle Director Aerospace Market

    Klaus Steinmeyer Vice President Strategy and Program

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    Innovative materials and technologies - 04 Apr 2019

    This discussion will examine opportunities to transform the cabin landscape and develop cutting-edge interior products by deploying the latest innovations in both science and manufacturing technologies:

    • What can we learn from adoption in related industries as well as use cases in the interiors market?
    • How can these innovations drive improvements to the procurement process, time to market and the lifecycle of the products?
    • How should we be addressing the challenges to introduction and deployment, such as certification and testing, maintenance and recycling?

    Dr. Helge Sachs Senior Vice President Product Innovation

    Vern Alg Industry Consultant

    Elijah Dobrusin Vice President of Development & Strategy

    Peter Mintjens Business Development Manager

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